Data collection

Data is a key ingredient for training sophisticated machine learning algorithms. We specialize in collection of unique, bespoke data for range of applications, including but not limited to face recognition, face age estimation, gender recognition, emotion recognition, object detection and semantic segmentation. We understand how challenging it is to acquire biological datasets, the good news is, we have began curating health related datasets. Most importantly, we are GDPR complaint. Please hit the button below in order to discuss further.

Data analysis

We understand how difficult it can be to analyze data, and  to make inference that will lead to profitable insights. We have also worked with clients who have huge datasets but find it difficult to cleanse the data, hence we are able to get your data ready to be fed into machine learning models. Precisely, we deploy state of the art automatic and semi automatic tools in order to perform huge data analyses tasks. Most importantly, we fully understand the need to safe guard our client’s data. Yes, we understand the value of data integrity and security! Feel free to contact us to discuss further.

Software development

Our experienced Software Engineers develop bespoke software upon request, in good time, and tailored to our client’s requirements. Please let’s discuss about your business needs, we guarantee cheap, efficient and precise software solution for your business.